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Natadera Temple’s Contributions to Society

Natadera Temple’s social activities include international cooperation activities overseas, as well as assistance to disaster-stricken areas within Japan. There are many children overseas who are unable to go to school due to poverty. Children are the future of society, so we provide support in various parts of Asia to help them live happy, independent lives and make their dreams come true.

Activities of the Natadera Shimizu Foundation(These are only a few examples of the foundation’s efforts)

Support for Tibetan Refugee Children
(starting in 2006)

We look for foster parents for refugee children, and provide support for education and living expenses. We also support children as they return home, and help to build school buildings, dormitories, sports fields, playgrounds, etc.

Support for Laotian Children (starting in 2007)

We work to provide picture book libraries for people living in the mountains of Laos, and have also opened picture book libraries that children in the slums of Vientiane can use as shelters. We also offer scholarships for children in need and families who otherwise would not be able to send their children to school, as well as working to improve school buildings.

Support for the Great East Japan Earthquake
(starting in 2011)

We have established a long-term camp for the children of Fukushima Prefecture. Other assistance activities for the stricken area include the provision of supplies.

Other Activities

Conservation Activities
We began to address the issue of global climate change as soon as it first arose, and have since worked toward environmental conservation through efforts such as the use of wood-based and solar energy. We also produce wood pellets that are used in water heaters at facilities for the elderly.